Aldea AG

1We were invited to design the architectural proposal for the new therapy and treatment building in the Aldea Arthur Gough, one of the housing sites for orphans and children with special needs administrated by PANI, Costa Rican Institution in charge of overseeing children rights.

The project located in a “quinta” in beautiful Santa Ana needed to be highly functional, cost efficient, weather adapted and had to comply with universal access regulations. Functionally it contained part of the administrative instances of the complex, doctor and dental offices, psychology offices, occupational therapy workshops and early stimulation classes.

A simple roof with a big overhang   that extends the functional area of the  occupational workshops, a  linear scheme  that allows easy transit and circulation and a central space that works as reception and waiting area are the main design components of the building. Horizontal windows and louvers were located in both sides of the volume to guarantee a simple and efficient cross ventilation system.

2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.032 L1 PANI

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