Hotel Grano de Oro

The Hotel Grano de Oro is one of the most recognized small hotels in San José . We were called in  2009 to visualize and redesign the patios of some of the suites. It was a mixture of architecture and landscape, precisely the place where we feel most comfortable.

After the first patio was finalized, we were then hire to intervene and consult in most of the patios and landscape areas of the hotel and thus worked as consultants for 2 years.

It was necessary to integrate the classical looking fountains as well as to understand the vibe of the hotel, which is partially located in a victorian house. 

2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.034 2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.035 2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.036 2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.037 2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.038 2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.039 2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.040 2014 PORTAFOLIO 600.041

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