Penjamo Landscape+Masterplan

Penjamo is a landscape project designed and supervised by Carambola in a 2.5 hectare “finca” located near Irazu Volcano. The first stage of the project consisted of a major intervention around one of the existing houses. The second stage approached the access road and planning and design of “planting patches”. The third stage included the planting of tree lines in an attempt organize the exterior space. Research was fundamental to the success of the project since the use of native and well adapted species was “a must.

Stages from one to three were designed and built from 2009 to 2012.

A system of pathways, planting patches and ponds was built around the house. Naturalization and blending with the big context were key concepts.

The project uses a restricted color palette: purple, yellow, different shades of green and some orange. The use of color was considered a vehicle to integrate with local landscape.

05 PENJAMO I copy

44 PENJAMO copy

bola copy

P1080163 copy

A beautiful boxer named Larian was a witness to the design and construction process:


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